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Episode 34 A chat with Jed Alexander

In this episode, we chat with author, illustrator Jed Alexander about his wordless picture books. We talked about his process for writing wordless picture books and his illustration technique. Find out more about him at

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Perspective is everything in this visual exploration of what big and small can mean. Olive, the little girl climbing the beanstalk, is small in comparison to the giant who lives in the clouds. Once back on earth, however, she discovers she's a giant in her own way.

Jed Alexander is an author and illustrator who has done work for a variety of publications, including Cricket Magazine and SpongeBob Comics. He is the author of the critically acclaimed wordless books, Red, and Gold. About Gold, The New York Times said, "this rewritten fairy tale’s pages, are as breathtaking as they are hopeful. Alexander has turned the key on Goldilocks, unlocked her, and turned her into Gold." His third book in the series is Olive. He lives in Davis California with his wife and best friend in the world, Regina.


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Cover art by Olga Herrera and Julia Mills

Podcast and video production by Sunny Duran

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