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Episode 32 Interview with Julia Mills

In this episode, we chat with author and illustrator Julia Mills about her debut picture book I am Stuck. We talk about her writing journey, her inspiration as an art teacher, and her process for illustrating this book.

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A tender (and humorous!) look at the way tough emotions can make us feel stuck and how the presence of a good friend and a deep belly laugh can make it easier to get through stormy feelings. Complete with backmatter to help stuck readers feel better through noticing, smelling, talking, and taking a deep breath, this is a perfect pick for those who loved Grumpy Monkey and The Rabbit Listened.


Julia Mills

On the day before her 11th birthday, Julia wrote in her journal “I would like to be an author and illistrator when I grow up”. Now she is proud to say she has accomplished that goal and even improved her spelling. Julia is also an art teacher, mom, and avid knitter. Her perfect afternoon would involve iced coffee, freshly sharpened pencils, and the sandy beaches of Southern New Jersey she calls home.

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Cover art by Olga Herrera and Julia Mills

Podcast and video production by Sunny Duran

You can find Olga's book on her website:

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